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Remember Me? [Prologue]

Title: Remember Me? [Prologue]
Author: 15SujuBerries
Length: 1/4(?)
Pairing: KyuSung, YeWon, Past YeWook, HaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, angst, humor, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Warnings: Character Death(?), mention of abuse and rape
Summary: Who knew underneath that stoic yet lovable person was a murderer, chasing after the running boy once again.

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My Little Siwonnie

Title: My Little Siwonnie
Author: 15SujuBerries
Length: 3/3
Pairings: YeWon.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humor
Disclaimer: I don’t own them... Or do I? Lol, just kidding XD *Dies*
Warnings: Cosplay
Summary: Yesung’s little brother comes to visit Super Junior. Though for what reason?
A/N: This is a sequel to my other oneshot: My Little Cheerleader. However, you don’t have to read it to read this. ^^

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Stupid. He's Forever and Only Mine

Title: Stupid. He’s forever and Only Mine
Author: 15SujuBerries
Length: 2/3
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Summary: Kyuhyun and Siwon love the usually clueless, naive, turtle loving hyung and try to get his attention... Leeteuk and Heechul soon learn that the two seemingly innocent members could be aggressive and say such vulgar words to each other just because of one dense member named Yesung...

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Smiling Faces

Title: Smiling faces
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 3/4
Pairings: YeWon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Warning(s): Rape and abuse
Summary: Getting hugged or touched triggers painful memories Siwon wishes he could forget. Kim Jongwoon is just making everything even more difficult...

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Stupid. He's Forever and Only Mine

Title: Stupid. He’s Forever and Only Mine
Author: 15SujuBerries
Length: 1/2
Pairing: KyuYeWon
Rating: PG-13(May change in the next part.)
Genre: Romance, Fluff(?)
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Summary: Kyuhyun and Siwon love the usually clueless, naive, turtle loving hyung and try to get his attention... Leeteuk and Heechul soon learn that the two seemingly innocent members could be aggressive and say such vulgar words to each other just because of one dense member named Yesung...

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Smiling Faces

Title: Smiling faces
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 2/4
Pairings: YeWon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own them!
Warning(s): Rape and abuse
Summary: Getting hugged or touched triggers painful memories Siwon wishes he could forget. Kim Jongwoon is just making everything even more difficult...

Chapter Two: Sorrowful Faces

The little boy walked down the quiet, murky and deserted streets of Seoul. It may have been a bad idea to walk out at night and without telling his father –fully knowing that he would receive new bruises and wounds when he came back. He looked to his left and saw the ice cream shop his mother used to take him and his brother to before she left.
The ten year old promised himself that he’ll never fall in love! It’ll just end badly like his parents...

“I hate you.” He glared, picturing the bitch smiling at him. Because of her, his father would take out his anger on him!


He sighed before opening the door, for some odd reason he couldn’t stop thinking of Jongwoon’s smile... It was driving him crazy!

“Hyung! You’re home~” Heechul ran towards his older brother with a happy expression. It startled Siwon, it was rare to see the thirteen year old boy smiling like that! Usually he was apathetic and shows little to no emotion... Why now?

“Hyung, you look like you’ve seen a ghost...? Did appa do something when I was sleeping last night?!” Heechul attempted to remove Siwon’s shirt but stopped him from doing so. “No... You just look too excited which is uncommon! Did you hit your head on something in school today?” Siwon murmured then Heechul returned to his normal self. “No! I thought I should act like those other annoying kids in my class,” He stared; his eyes weren’t bright and cheerful anymore and were serious and bored. “I thought it would make you smile, instead you thought there was something wrong with me.” Heechul turned around then walked to his room –finding something else to do. His mission failed so there was no point to continue bothering his brother.


Siwon turned around when he heard the door opened and smirked. Mr. Choi didn’t even look at him when he walked to the kitchen. His expression was cold as usual... His father usually only talked... and well, beat his son when he was drunk or enraged, otherwise he would ignore him like he never existed, and he only talked to him when necessary. Siwon chuckled then walked to his room...

‘At least he didn’t buy wine or beer today...’


Kim Residence

One maid bowed to and greeted her young master when he walked through the giant doors while the other maids and butlers just stared him down. They never liked him and thought he was bizarre... Jongwoon’s fake smile dropped when he saw Mrs. Kim standing at the top of the marble stairs. Her expression was cold and furious which caused Jongwoon to sigh, “I thought you were coming back next month, umma--”

“You brat. Are you trying to embarrass this family?! I thought we agreed that you were going to go to that prestigious school? Why this one?!”
Jongwoon rolled his eyes; she always had an excuse to call him stupid or a brat! Instead of answering, he avoided eye contact and tapped his foot, waiting for her to finish her shouting and leave him alone!

“You really him no manners, huh!?” Mrs. Kim shouted. Jongwoon sighed again before she slapped him across the face.
It hurt more than usual...

He did worse things in the past but why was she angrier about this?! Jongwoon stared into her cold, dark eyes while rubbing his red cheek that was bleeding because her nail scratched him, “You’re right, I’m sorry...” He mumbled then walked away to his room.

Mrs. Kim scoffed, “You honestly think I believe you?”
When Jongwoon couldn’t be seen, he cried. It’s been like this for five years...


Heechul felt like his heart stop when he heard a body loudly fall to the floor. He was desperate to run out of his room and see what was going on but, Siwon made him promise to never come out of his room when his father was pissed off or drinking until he came inside...

He felt useless when he heard kicking and shouting, it was like this for the past seven years! He didn’t understand though! Why is he only hurting Siwon and not him? His father could’ve opened the door at any time and start beating him but he didn’t! Was it because he was thirteen...
No, he first did this to Siwon when he was only ten...


Heechul stared at the door. The shouting finally stopped... He closed his eyes and held his breath as he opened the door, “...”

Their father was already in his room whilst Siwon was lying on the floor, cursing. He knew he had new wounds and bruises on his body even though he couldn’t see it. Suddenly, Siwon stood up, looking like nothing happened, “Shouldn’t you be sleeping by now...?” He sighed, pushing Heechul towards his room. He shook his head so the taller male stopped.

“No...” To Siwon’s surprise he started crying. “I’m going to sleep with hyung tonight!” Heechul wiped away his tears and smiled wholeheartedly for once.


The Next Day

Jongwoon stared blankly when he saw girls asking Siwon to accept the lunches they made for him. He watched the mysterious and sulky yet shining knight apologize and say it would be mean to accept only one lunch since he couldn’t eat all of them... He thought Siwon looked pained but how would he know since they were a bit far away from each other.

Siwon felt something touching his lips and realized it was a person’s hand. Shocked, he moved away and covered his mouth... he hated it when people touched his lips! “Yah! Wha—”

“Did someone beat you up?” Jongwoon asked innocently, reaching for his hands.
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Smiling Faces

Title: Smiling faces
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 1/4
Pairing: YeWon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own them!
Warning(s): Rape and abuse
Summary: Getting hugged or touched triggers painful memories Siwon wishes he could forget. Kim Jongwoon is just making everything even more difficult...

Part One: Bitter Faces

“A-Appa! W-What happened...?” The little boy’s eyes widened.

He was expecting a smile from his father, the smell of baked cookies and hug from his mother once he came home from school! Instead, his father’s caring and smiling face was long gone and his mother wasn’t home... He looked around; the living room was a mess! There were broken glass bottles all over the floor which made it dangerous to walk around without shoes on and there was a strong smell of alcohol.

‘Where’s little brother?!’

Then the boy looked to his dad; he was suddenly walking towards him, hair covering his eyes and one of his fists in the air. Siwon wanted to say something but words wouldn’t come out, the atmosphere soon became dark and eerie.

He flinched when the adult’s fist came closer and closer to his body; it was too late to move away now. “App--?!”

The boy couldn’t finish and cried out from the pain of being punched in the stomach... He opened his teary eyes and felt glass cutting into his back, “A-Appa?!” His father just laughed at his crushed expression... It was nothing compared to the misery he was feeling! “How useless... I want this mess gone before I come back! Understood?!”

“...” His father didn’t wait for a reply and left, leaving the wounded and confused boy alone. Not feeling the slightest hint of guilt. “...” When Siwon heard the door close, he screamed at the top of his lungs, “Umma! Umma?!” The little boy was horrified and his eyes red and puffy from crying. His blood was all over the carpet from the glass that was cut into his back... He stood up and quickly grabbed the chair close to him so he wouldn’t fall onto the broken pieces of glass again. It wasn’t like his father to do something like this! If he dropped those glass bottles then he would’ve picked it up already instead of leaving it lying around... did he do this on purpose?! He shook his head; he didn’t want to believe his dad wanted to hurt him! What did he do in the first place?!
Was he being punished...?

“Wha—Umma?!” He found pictures of his mother kissing a man who wasn’t his father...


“Yah! Choi Siwon!” Their teacher, Ryeowook shouted. He wasn’t in the mood to argue, especially with the school’s mysterious and sulky yet shining Knight or whatever his fan club calls him! “That kid... Always sleeping in my class...” He sighed then the student beside him chuckled quietly, making girls and few men awe and squeal. The same kind of reactions Siwon gets if he laughs, sighs and sleeps... He never understood why they did that?

Did he look funny to them...?

“Siwon... Wake up! Ryeowook-hyung will throw a chalk at you again!” His childhood whispered. His desk was next to his on the right. “Eh?” Siwon opened his eyes unwillingly and found his teacher glaring at him with a student he never saw before, standing next to him.

“Anyhow... This is Kim Jongwoon. He will be joining our class from today on.” Ryeowook’s glare changed into a smile then turned to the new student. “Oh, right... Please take care of me.” The brunette murmured then their teacher told him to sit in the empty desk beside Siwon. Girls were smiling brightly and waving hi as he walked to his seat but he didn’t notice since he was staring at Siwon with no emotion on his face.


Ryeowook left the classroom so everyone got out of their seats except for Jongwoon, Siwon and Leeteuk.

The blonde boy turned to face him, he stared at his body and gave him a worried look. “Why won’t you tell me the reason why you’ve never finish your homework at home yet, your number one in this class and last month you came to school bruises all over your body!” He whispered, “I’m your best friend! You can tell me anything...”

“I told you... I’m forgetful and I fell down the stairs. ”Siwon hissed, he was getting pissed off! He had to dream about the first day his father beat him and Leeteuk keeps asking the same questions!

Maybe if he fell down the stairs in front of him then he would finally believe him...

“Liar...” Leeteuk pouted. He knew something was wrong! Ever since they were in middle school, Siwon avoided sports even though he was really athletic... He usually saw bruises on his body but he knew Siwon wasn’t clumsy... He was far from being a klutz! “Leeteuk... you think everything I say is a lie!” Siwon mumbled before turning around, if he didn’t then they would start arguing and it’ll just piss off Ryeowook again!
Siwon felt an intense gaze coming from his left... why was Jongwoon staring at him like that? He turned his head to look at him, it was getting uncomfortable...

Ten seconds passed then Jongwoon looked away and silently giggled. ‘Is there something wrong with this kid? Do I look funny to everyone...?’

Right when Siwon was going to say something, Ryeowook returned with a giant pile of papers. He placed it on his giant desk then walked up to Siwon, “Sleeping beastly! Because you weren’t listening a while ago, you must show Jongwoon-sshi around the school...” He gave him a fake smile then walked away before the seventeen year old could back talk. ‘What the fuck?!’ Siwon sighed, it wasn’t his fault...

He looked back at Jongwoon who gave him an apologetic look so he gave him a small smile... or rather a fake smile which everyone thought was real except for Leeteuk.


The lunch bell rang and Siwon and Jongwoon didn’t bother to get their lunch. They weren’t hungry and just wanted to get this over with... Well Siwon didn’t want to do this whilst Jongwoon just smiled. “Where have you been to already?” The taller man murmured, “It’ll be a waste of time going to the places you’ve already been to.”

“Oh, I know where my classes are and I’ve walked around the school outside and some of the inside--”

“Then why would that teacher tell me to show you around?!” Siwon shouted, scaring Jongwoon a bit.

‘Aish... he probably wanted me and Jongwoon to be friends and sit with us in the cafeteria since he’s new.’

Siwon looked at Jongwoon who was pouting. He couldn’t deny that he looked really cute... prettier than the girls in this school. He hated being close to people besides Leeteuk but a part of him didn’t want him to eat alone. “Let’s just go to the cafeteria.” Siwon grabbed his arm unwillingly and girls near them gasped. “Huh?” Jongwoon stared at his arm that was being held onto then gasped. “S... Siwon-sshi!”

Without warning he pushed up his sleeve up and found purplish bruises and a few wounds all over his upper arm. Siwon’s eyes widened then pushed his sleeve down before the other students in the hallway could see. “Yah! What the hell are you doing?!” Siwon glared, pushing Jongwoon away.
He didn’t mean to do it but Jongwoon’s face was too close to his...
Siwon sighed and continued walking away, leaving Jongwoon astonished and worried. “So this is what that Leeteuk person was worried about...?”


Meh. I rewrote this chapter four times and it still seems a bit pointless, rushed and confusing D: Ahaha, do you hate Siwon’s mom or dad more? T^T I promise I’ll try to make the next chapter better! ^__^ I’ll try to update everyday from now on but I have to decide who gets raped in this fic first XD
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More Than Friends - Chapter 1/5

Title: More Than Friends
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 1/5
Pairings: YeWon, HanChul, Frienship!HeeSung, Minor HanSung, and other pairings.
Rating: PG-13(May Change into NC-17)
Genre: High school AU, Humor, Romance, Fluff, Humor, Angst, Drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own them!
Summary: Yesung decided to stop being home-schooled and goes to this rich, prestigious school instead. There he befriends a scary when cranky person and eventually many other people.

Chapter One:

“I’m late!” Yesung panicked after getting out of the car and running into the school building. It was cold and foggy outside making the young boy shiver. “...Too big...” he sighed while walking up the black marble stairs. The school was enormous and flashy, everything looked expensive!

Yesung was getting closer to the classroom he was assigned to until he tripped over some random boy’s legs. The small boy groaned in pain then looked over at the male sitting down who was glaring at him. “What are you looking at?!” The raven haired male scoffed. “N-Nothing...” Yesung said, feeling nervous. “Watch where you’re going next time and don’t shout you’re late when you’re actually an hour early!!” He glared then stood up and walked away. “Annoying rich people...” Heechul muttered to himself.

“Omo. I just wanted to sleep more... Jaejoong-hyung didn’t have to lie to me about the time.” Yesung sighed. “Aish, I made someone mad...”

~~One Hour Later~~

Everyone got to their desks while Yesung walked to the front of the class.

“This is our new student, Kim Yesung.” The teacher announced, “Who will like to show him around the school?” Everyone in the class raised their hands in a heartbeat except for Heechul, half of the students just wanted to get out of class while some of them were interested in him because he looked cute and the others just didn’t really care. “All right, you... Kim Heechul.” The teacher pointed to him. “But I didn’t even raise my hand!”

“Exactly...” The teacher smiled then Heechul cursed him silently as he got up from his desk and walked towards the boy who interrupted his nap a while ago. The students groaned and pouted when the two left the room. They had to stay here and listen to another one of Kibum’s boring lectures.


“Are you mad at me...?” Yesung asked. “Yes.” Heechul said, not caring. “Are you normally like this to others?”

“Why do you even care?!” He snapped, “Let’s just get this over with!”


“There is the cafeteria... That’s where most people eat, some just gossip or be annoying there. Outside in the courtyard, the other idiots eat there too.” Heechul mumbled, walking out of the cafeteria, “Do you know where all your classes are?” Yesung nodded, feeling nervous. “If you want to live a school happy life and not be touched then stay away from some of the seniors... some of them are perverted assholes! The girls are just as annoying too...” Heechul mumbled then Yesung looked confused. Were his words coming from experience? “Just try to avoid the seniors if you can. Since you look like a girl then you’re screwed...” Heechul sighed. “Oh... Okay,” Yesung gulped. “Wait... I don’t look like a girl!!”

Heechul just smirked then walked back so Yesung huffed and ran after him.


Yesung stood up to walk out of the classroom but there were girls who were blocking his path, “Oppa, let’s have lunch together!” A girl with black, short hair smiled, reaching for his hand but the other girls blocked it. “Oppa! Don’t eat with her! Eat with us~” Two other people pouted then everyone started arguing before Yesung could even reply. “Oh! Oppa, why don’t you eat with all of us?!” They all turned around from their fight to look at him but he disappeared.
Yesung quickly got his lunch then ran across the school, walked up stairs then found himself at the rooftop of the school then sighed in relief,

“...” He noticed a person sleeping in a corner, “Heechul-sshi?”

“Huh?” Heechul rubbed his eyes and found Yesung, “What? You came to bother me again?!” he glared. “No.” Yesung said then silently walked over to sit next to him. “Why are you sitting beside me?” Heechul murmured. “Because... It’s not fun to eat alone.” Yesung smiled, he never had friends before. Yesung did homeschooling after the fifth grade, because he would always get bullied harshly.

“Are you always like this to everyone...?” Yesung asked. “...Everyone here pretty much takes their money for granted and wastes it on useless things, they never even earned a penny because of their rich parents and their future is already decided for them so they can skip classes and not care or work! They don’t have to worry about anything but every student here are heirs to respectable familes who own large conglomerates.” Heechul didn’t care if Yesung felt hurt or not and just looked away. “That’s true I guess... but, aren’t you rich too?” Yesung questioned, “And if you hate rich people so much then why do you go to this school?”

“No. I only came to this school because of the education and if I maintain my grades then I can get a full scholarship to this university that I always wanted to go to...This is the best school in Korea after all; I worked four jobs last summer to pay for the entrance fees, the uniform and the other stuff...” Heechul smiled to himself which surprised Yesung. “Because of your hatred... does that mean you have no friends too?!”

“What the hell! Are you calling me a loner?!”

“No, sorry... I meant—” The bell ran before Yesung could finish his sentence so he sighed as Heechul looked at him with cold eyes and stood up to walk to their next class.


Yesung was determined to make his first best friend, Kim Heechul. Though the question was, how in the world would that happen since he hates him? Yesung paced back and forth in his room, thinking hard. “Maybe we should get to know each other first...? It might not work but oh well...” Yesung felt pissed off but continued walking around his room. “What to do, what to do,” Yesung sighed. “Maybe Jaejoong-hyung can give me advice...?” Yesung turned around then walked to his older brother’s room.

“Hyuuuuunng~” Yesung chanted while opening the door, Jaejoong’s room was giant, neat and tidy. “Where did that person go,” he glared, walking over to his desk and found a magazine, “Ten ways to know you’re in love?! Why does Jaejoong-hyung have this...?” Yesung said with curiosity.

~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~

Hangeng’s POV

Aish, why the fuck did Siwon tell me to come to school so early?! Who here goes to school an hour early anyway! Everyone comes fifteen minutes before school starts...!
I lazily walked to the tree where Siwon, I and the others go to during lunch but that pain in the ass wasn’t even there! Didn’t he tell me to go here? What the hell does he even want, I’m freaking tired!! Shit, I might as well find a quiet place to sleep... Aha! The rooftop!

“I swear I’m going to kill him in class!” I shouted, opening the door roughly.

I sat down and leaned against the door, no one comes here anyway... Before I could drift into dreamland, the door opened abruptly, causing me to fall forward. “What the fuck?!” I yelled, who did this!

I stood up to look at the person and to my surprise it was girl-like boy who looked as cranky as me. “What are you looking at?!” He scoffed then pushed me aside. “At least apologize!” I shouted. “WHAT FOR,” The boy yelled back “IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR SITTING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!”

“I WAS TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP—” I got cut off when someone opened the door. “Yah! I was looking for you everywhere... Jeez, you don’t listen do you,” Siwon glared. “How noisy. You don’t have to scream at each other!” Siwon grabbed my hand then dragged me all the way down to the courtyard.

“Where were you,” I yelled. “You said to meet me where we eat lunch but you weren’t there and I was tired so I decided to sleep!”

“I said to go to the courtyard!! You don’t listen to others when you’re cranky, do you,” Siwon laughed. “And what do you mean by sleeping?! You looked like you were going to pick a fight with that freshman!”

“Yeah, yeah... what do you want anyway?”

“Never mind... Leeteuk gave me a call and he said it was an emergency and told me to meet him here and bring you but he isn’t here!”

“Okay, I’m going home.” I waved goodbye then he quickly grabbed my arm. “No! We’re going to wait for Leeteuk,” Siwon sighed. “He sounded depressed—”

“He always sounds depressed!! I’m fucking tired and you hate it when I’m cranky so let me go home and sleep!!” I shouted then he scoffed. “Then sleep here!!” He grabbed me then pushed me under a tree. I swear if I was more tired then I would’ve destroyed his face that girls and sometimes men call handsome, cute or sexy! They would have to call his face ugly, disastrous or bloody!

Siwon grinned then took out his cell phone. “Leeteuk… WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU HERE?!” He yelled. I guess Siwon is tired too…

“STOP SHOUTING! I’m here!!” Leeteuk sighed as he stopped running. “WHY DO YOU COME WHEN I’M READY TO SLEEP?!” I shouted then Leeteuk pouted.

3rd Person POV

Yesung walked to school this time, thinking it would be fun but actually tiring. He sighed as he walked through the hallway, up the stairs to the rooftop, “Hee… Heechul-sshi?!”

“Huh?” Heechul stopped walking around cursing the senior he saw to look at Yesung. “What?

“Y-You look angrier than you normally do...” Yesung paled. “Y-You’re saying incoherent words also.”

“Reall—” Heechul stopped when they heard two voices shouting, “Aish!” Heechul leaned over and saw the man he saw before, arguing with some other dude, “Yah... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!”

[A/N: Originally this fic was supposed to be this Super Junior version of Kuroshitsuji but I decided to do this first instead >_< Comments are loved~ <33 XD]
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My Little Siwonnie - Part Two

Title: My Little Siwonnie
Author: 15SujuBerries
Length: 2/3
Pairings: YeWon.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humor
Disclaimer: I don’t own them... Or do I? Lol, just kidding XD *Dies*
Warnings: Cosplay
Summary: Yesung’s little brother comes to visit Super Junior. Though for what reason?
A/N: This is a sequel to my other oneshot: My Little Cheerleader. However, you don’t have to read it to read this. ^^

Part Two:

~The Next Morning~

Everyone except for Yesung and Siwon had schedules so it was the perfect time for him to ask Siwon what he did wrong. Yesung placed everything he needed in a bag then quickly put on his sailor outfit, the one that looked similar to the ones used in Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). Yesung groaned as he pulled the white short shorts down a bit, worried that it was too revealing, not the mention the damn strawberry underwear. At least he had the hat so he could hide his face when he felt embarrassed. Yesung looked down at the dark blue high heels and wondered if he should actually wear them...

“There’s a big chance I can fall down if I’m not careful but... I could fall on top of Siwon-ah.” Yesung sighed as he slipped on the blue stilettos.

He looked at the mirror and groaned; he really did have a girl body besides not having breasts etc. “I swear this is the last time I’m ever going to cosplay!” Yesung sighed once more as he walked careful and quietly out of his room with his bag.

Yesung slightly opened the door and saw Siwon sleeping with only boxers and a shirt on. “Siwon!” Yesung yelled but Siwon just snored and moved to the side of his bed. “Siwon...!” Yesung pouted while shaking the sleeping body. “Ugh! SIWON-AH!!” Yesung yelled but nothing. The smaller man sighed then sat on top of Siwon. “Yah! I didn’t put on painful shoes for nothing!!” He pouted then Siwon opened his eyes. “What...?” The taller one asked with uncaring eyes. “...” Yesung puffed his cheeks, not knowing what to do first. “If you’re just going to sit then don’t sit on m—!!” Yesung quickly kissed him while wrapping his arms around his neck. “Siwon...” Yesung whispered then pouted when Siwon gave him a pissed off look. “If you want to hug then hug a pillow or someone who isn’t tired.” Siwon yawned before removing Yesung’s arms from his body, “Since we don’t have schedules then go to sleep...”

“I will... with you though!” Yesung smiled, ignoring the look Siwon gave him once again. Yesung lied down next Siwon on the bed and hugged him tightly. “Yesung, why don’t you sleep on your own bed?” Siwon mumbled as he turned around so he wouldn’t see him. “Because I love you~! I sleep here all the time anyways! Well after sex or I’m just lazy...” He grinned but Siwon didn’t respond like he thought he would.

“Siwon-ah! Do you hate me,” Yesung sighed but Siwon didn’t move. “S-So you do! What did I do wrong?!” He shouted but Siwon just snored.

“What?! You’re asleep,” Yesung was beyond pissed off. “Maybe I should have gotten that whip Heechul offered me...”

And with that Yesung moved so that he was now on top of his boyfriend. “Wake up!!” Yesung bit Siwon’s neck. “I didn’t come here to sleep, dammit!” Yesung yelled.
Siwon rubbed his neck and groaned, “Let me tell you, I didn’t go to bed until 5 in the morning... And who gave you permission to come into my room anyway?!” Siwon said with a scary voice and face. “Don’t be so cold!” Yesung murmued cutely then pressed there foreheads together. “If you want to bother someone then bother someone else.” Siwon glared then went back to sleeping. Yesung felt like kicking the hell out of him.

“FINE! I’LL GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE WHO WILL LOVE ME NO MATTER WHAT AND DO MORE THAN WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!” He shouted then Siwon laughed. “Good luck with that!” Siwon kissed his cheek then fell back to the bed, snoring. “If the strawberry ice cream doesn’t work then I’ll have a talk with Leeteuk-umma! Haha, he’ll beat the crap out of you with objects from the kitchen! Just wait...” Yesung mumbled as he stomped out of the room, ignoring the pain his shoes were giving him.

Yesung opened the freezer and sighed, “Next thing you know he wants me to put cold strawberry dessert up my ass and now he’s pissed off at me! Damn pervert, I’m dressed like he wanted me to and I even went so far to try and seduce him but he ends up sleeping...!” Yesung said with disbelief. “Why couldn’t it be something like cake? Something that’s not cold! I’d rather use something painful like a giant dildo,” he huffed, opening the bucket of ice cream so he could eat some first. “I’d also rather wear a stupid bra with strawberry patterns!!”


Yesung walked cheerfully into Siwon’s room with the strawberry ice cream and a fake smile. Siwon was facing the other way, sleeping underneath the bed sheets. Not noticing that the little pissed off sailor was there. “Siwon-ah!” the smaller man chanted cutely as he pulled the sheets off of the sleepy body. “What do you want now?!” Siwon glared. “What happened to the gentleman that your fans love?” Yesung laughed. “He’s tired and cranky...” Siwon stuck his tongue out.

Before he could hide under the bed sheets again, Yesung quickly straddled him. “Siwon, if you’re cold (Mean) then I can make you warm!” Yesung grinned before he removed the younger man’s shirt. Siwon sighed as small hands touched his abs, “Siwon-ah~ you can’t stay mad at me forever!” Yesung whispered. Siwon just smirked and closed his eyes so he could fall asleep. “Fine, be that way.” Yesung glared at his lover, tearing off his boxers, leaving his boyfriend completely naked.

Feeling irritated, Yesung grabbed his cock and smiled at how big and hard Siwon was. He licked the tip slowly, feeling happy that the taller man groaned. “Siwon, closing your eyes won’t help.” Yesung said before he dug his tongue into the slit while squeezing his balls, “Y... Yesung...” Siwon moaned as Yesung took his entire length into his mouth.

Before Siwon could come, Yesung quickly removed his mouth and placed a cock ring on his dick. “Yah,” Siwon shouted then quickly smirked. He wasn’t going to let Yesung do this, “Sungie-ah, if you put a cock ring on me then you have to handcuff me also or else this will happen...” Siwon changed their position so that Yesung was beneath him. “Yah! Let me go!” Yesung shouted when Siwon took off the cock ring and grabbed his arms. “No. I can’t sleep with all your rambling so this will probably shut you up...” The taller man grinned while taking off Yesung’s shirt and shorts slowly, revealing the strawberry underwear. Siwon chuckled then poked the smaller man’s clothed erection. “Should I fuck you hard enough that you won’t be able to stand or just tease you until you shamelessly continue begging me to fuck you? Sungie-ah, what do you want me to do?”

“I thought you wanted me to mand your ship,” Yesung paled. “I even brought the strawberry ice cream...”

“Oh, right... Thanks for reminding me.”

“Yah! I’d rather not be able to stand!!” Yesung cried. Trying to stop Siwon from grabbing the ice cream but failed as the younger man pushed him back to the bed.

“Yesungie, if you didn’t want me to do this to you then you shouldn’t have forgotten the handcuffs.” Siwon scoffed which really pissed of Yesung.

[A/N: If I continued then it would get too long >_< Sorry for the late update ^^; Jongjin will come back in the third chapter... and Heechul... and possibly everyone else while Siwon is sleeping >XS Was this chapter confusing...?]
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Dark Kisses - Chapter Six Part: A

Title: Dark Kisses
Author: 15SujuBerries
Chapter: 6/?
Pairings: (Main!) YeWon, HanChul, HaeHyuk, and other pairings.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Humor, Fluff, Some Angst, Drama(?), Supernatural, Dark(?)
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys... Or do I? Lol, just kidding XD *Dies*
A/N: I thought of Kingdom Hearts (Game) then Organization XIII so why not make the Super Junior-ish version of it XD
Summary: Yesung can’t remember the events that happened before he was three when his parents died... In an orphanage he creates a strong bond with a boy who ends up leaving when he turns nine... Present time: Yesung and his best friend get kidnapped by two mysterious men in white cloaks... What does the Organization XIII and the Alliance want?

Chapter Six Part: A

“Sorry.” Kyuhyun mumbled. “Huh—” Yesung was confused. Then, without warning, Kyuhyun hit the younger boy’s head with a small, broken off tree branch.

Before Yesung could fall unconscious to the ground, Kyuhyun caught him then took off his black cloak, putting it on Yesung. “I hope you’re still not afraid of the dark…” Kyuhyun smirked as he carried Yesung into a portal. Blood was trickling down his head, though
Kyuhyun could care less.


Heechul’s POV

“One… Two… Three!” I quickly gained speed before jumping out of the window. I felt horrified as I fell. The ground looks so much farther away as I was falling!

Oh shit.

Hangeng caught me easily, “Are you committing suicide…?” He looked amused so I glared at him. “Don’t touch me…” I shouted, pushing him away. “How ungrateful, you would’ve died if I wasn’t down here.” He laughed. Am I funny to him?! “Now tell me... Why are you trying to leave?” He held onto my wrist tightly before I could walk away. “...”


Yesung’s POV

I opened my eyes, Kyuhyun was staring at me with an evil-like grin, “What?!”

“Nothing...” He smiled then left the room.

What the hell?!

I looked around. I was lying down on a black bed, everything in this room was black and white... It felt creepy. There was no window either... Crap.
Kyuhyun suddenly came back in with another evil smirk, “Does your head hurt?” He mumbled while gently touching the side of my head. “Why?” It did hurt... a lot. Though, how did he know?

“Because, I hit you with a tree branch...” He laughed. “What?!” Why the would he do that!

“Knowing you, you would’ve try to run away or bother me to no end while carrying you.” Kyuhyun continued to gently rub my head, “Would you stop touching me!” I shouted. “Sorry, your hair just feels so soft...” He chuckled, “Anyway, let’s get to the point—”

“What point... What did you do to me?!”

Kyuhyun took out a keyblade, sighing. “You know, I’m really going to miss your cute, innocent smile...” He laughed then without warning, he stabbed me with it...
Instead of screaming in pain, I stared at him with wide eyes. Am I going to die...?

I closed my eyes and felt myself changing. I’m scared...

Falling... Falling... into darkness.


Heechul stood still, he sensed something weird. ‘Did something bad happen? I need to find Leeteuk!’

Hangeng looked at the raven haired boy and sighed. “I’ll let you go.”


“However... You have to kiss me first...”


“Just do it before I change my mind!” His sudden outburst shocked Heechul. It was the only way out so he might as well get it over with...
Heechul slowly moved forward, feeling nervous, this was going to be his first kiss after all. Before their lips could touch, Hangeng fell and started rolling on the floor, laughing.

“Oh god, you actually like Hangeng! Fuck, you actually believed me!” He howled with laughter but Heechul felt too confused, “What the hell! Are you insane, you are Hangeng!”

The taller man took out a bottle and drank it, making his appearance suddenly change into Leeteuk.

“L-Leeteuk?!” Heechul felt confused and beyond pissed off, “Were you Hangeng the whole time I’ve been here?!”

“No~ Hangeng went somewhere so I took the opportunity to use this potion for once and get you out of here... Where’s Yesung?” He smiled. “...Don’t get mad!”

“Why would I get mad...?” Leeteuk’s smiled dropped. “L-Let’s get out of here first! So we don’t get caught...!” Heechul said, trying to change the subject. Leeteuk sighed and opened a portal to the forest nearby.

“So... Where’s Yesung...?”

“W-We got put in separate rooms! That bastard Hangeng kept coming in so there was no way I could escape! My sketchbook is at the orphanage! There was no pen or paper in that room so I couldn’t do anything... DON’T HURT ME OR I’LL GET KANGIN!!” Heechul shouted, feeling scared and nervous. Leeteuk sometimes had short temper...

“Who kidnapped him then?” Leeteuk sighed. “I don’t know... Either someone in the Alliance or a Heartless...?”

“...I guess we’ll just have to wait for now instead of findi—”

“What?! Wait for what!”

“Shh! don’t shout, it hurts!” Leeteuk pouted, “...There’s a good chance no longer has his heart if it was a heartless or he/she heard about his keyblade... If we try to get him now, we’ll just get ourselves hurt...”

“Ah... You were so scary when you lost your heart!”

“Exactly... By the way, do you remember all of Yesung’s childhood friends...?”

“There was Shin but I don’t remember if there is another one...” Heechul mumbled then Leeteuk started thinking.


Yesung yawned then rubbed his eyes; he felt tired but didn’t want to sleep anymore. He spotted a mirror so he got off the bed and walked towards it...

What the?!

Yesung screamed in shock. His used to be brunette hair was jet black and his clothes were different, meaning Kyuhyun changed him while he was asleep! What did he see...?! Yesung shuddered then stared at his clothing, he was wearing a baggy black short sleeved hoodie that had a symbol on the top left corner of it and gray skinny jeans with black boots.
Without Yesung noticing, Kyuhyun came in and wrapped his arms around his small waist. He smirked while trailing his hands down the younger boy’s thigh.

Yesung didn’t say anything or move, he felt comfortable which was strange... or rather he didn’t care about what was happening. “So... How do you feel now?” Kyuhyun whispered. “I’m... n-not sure,” Yesung bit his lip to not moan. “...What did you do to me? Why is my hair and clothes different?!”

“Oh. I changed your clothes but I wasn’t perverted enough to do whatever you thought I did...Your other clothes were dirty and had blood all over it... Also, your hair somehow changed color after I stabbed you.” Kyuhyun mumbled then walked out of the room, he lied about the last part.

“Why does he always leave?!” Yesung sighed. “Wait... He stabbed me!! What is going on?!”

Yesung then plopped down onto the bed. “Where am I...?” This room looked different from the other one he has been in but it had the same furniture.
He felt confused and bored to death...


Normally people would try to run away or freak out because they got stabbed but he felt pretty content about it...

Yesung looked at the door as the knob turned, “Kyuhyun-ah I’m bored...” He pouted as he walked in. Kyuhyun laughed then moved towards him slowly, “Then let’s do something fun.” He caressed Yesung’s cheek then quickly crushed their lips together. They continued kissing until Yesung pulled away to breathe.

“I thought people’s heart beat faster when they kiss someone...?” Yesung huffed then unexpectedly, Kyuhyun pressed his ear against his chest...

‘What the?! He’s not supposed to have half his heart! I guess I didn’t aim carefully because I was so pissed off and rushed the process... Damn Siwon!! Well it shouldn’t matter so there’s no need to stab him again... I suppose.’ Yesung stared at him with confused and innocent eyes, “Is there something wrong?” Kyuhyun quickly smiled to himself, ‘At least he can still smile for real...’

“Oh, no everything is fine.” Kyuhyun sighed then noticed something, “Yesung... are you blushing?”

“Huh...? N-No!” He shouted then Kyuhyun moved forward so their lips were only inches away from each other again. Yesung turned even redder which made him more confused, ‘What is this feeling...?’


“Yah, where are you Lee Donghae?!” Siwon yelled after Donghae finally answered his cell phone. He was pissed off and worried. “Uhm... Donghae is asleep right now so please call again later.” Hyukjae said shyly then quickly hung up.

“...Who was that?! Don’t tell me he has a girlfriend! Though it sound a bit like a boy too... Eunhyuk?!” Why was he with him and what were they doing?! Siwon thought then soon paled, “Asleep? E-Eunhyuk didn’t kill Donghae... Right?” He chuckled nervously.

[A/N: *Cries* I said there would be YeWon in this chapter, sorry! T^T There will be YeWon soon in the next part or chapter but, I can’t promise that ^o^ Although, there might be slight HaeHyuk smut in the next part... maybe though! Sorry if this chapter is bad because I rushed >o<]